Exploring the world of Mobile Marketing

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Mobile devices offer a fresh approach in terms of an effective marketing solution whereby companies are now guaranteed of a better reach to their intended markets. This is so because nowadays people use various mobile devices including basic cell phones, smartphones and tablets to distribute, collect and share information. People also carry their devices everywhere they go and hence they can be reached anywhere as long as there is network coverage. These are the reasons why an increasing number of companies are now making use of mobile marketing; previously they could not be really certain that their messages aired via TV, radio or print actually reached the masses, and in the ways they were intended to.

Advertising via mobile devices is mainly done via apps, games and SMS. Mobile device users currently form the bulk of the world’s population at nearly 75%. This is clearly a larger number compared to that of people with access to a TV, radio, or even print media at a particular instance of time. We should also note that most mobile devices users, and particularly of the mobile phone, have them in hand around the clock. All these facts mean that in mobile marketing marketers have a platform that serves the greatest number of people and which is available on the 24/7/365 basis. There is also no prime time with this marketing channel – such as what marketers really contest for in the conventional audio and or visual platforms.

Different mobile marketing strategies are more ideal for the different forms of mobile devices available in the market. Smartphones and tablets form the minority of mobile devices but they can easily handle the bulk of these strategies i.e. games, apps, and even mobile TV. We can thus very easily fully exploit these two devices by placing advert banners on the objects displayed in the games and by creating apps that carry links to the diverse objects you intend to market. Marketing through smartphones and tablets can be used to target the more IT-savvy section of the market.

The majority of the people have their mobile devices as basic mobile phones that can handle SMSs and this population is also comfortable using the SMS service. This means that with SMS mobile marketing you have access to a broader market that you can then interact with. What’s more, a mobile phone will always alert its user about new incoming messages and hence it is a direct means of communication where you are guaranteed that your marketing message will get to the intended user. Although there is no prime time with SMS marketing there is need for right timing because we would not want a situation where customers are awaken at ungodly hours by marketing messages – such incidences can convince them to opt out of the service.

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