Tips To Getting Better Ranking On Google

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With the online market becoming a more and more popular place to advertise some people are wondering how search engine marketing (SEM) works. Well, there are many aspects to it and all of them should be incorporated in to a successful SEM campaign.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves doing keyword research to discover exactly what your potential clients are searching for, and then implementing those words inside your website, through articles, blog posts and even within your URL. It involves on-site and off-site link building to drive traffic to your business and keep it there. It’s an extremely labor intensive process that takes the better part of a year to implement properly, but can be an excellent way to get your website on page 1 of Google.

PPC (Pay per Click)

Embarking on a pay per click campaign is another way to market your business to search engine users. Pay per click ads are generally text based ads that appear on the top or side of a search engine index. You are only charged for the ad when someone clicks on it. Places like Google AdWords and Microsoft’s adCenter are providing launching points for PPC campaigns. Even Facebook has joined in the PPC fun, and with over 1 billion users expected by the summer of 2011, it’s no wonder that this is a huge market just waiting to be tapped into.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are where your potential clients end up when they click on your ads and links. It’s important to make sure your landing pages are relevant to the associated links or ads. Otherwise, you’ll lose people as quickly as you gain them. The purpose of a PPC campaign is to get people to your site. The purpose of a landing page is to keep them there. It should be user friendly and visually appealing, which encourages users to click through it and ultimately become a client.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is another aspect of SEM. It is so easy to tarnish someone’s reputation these days, and have it spread like wildfire across the internet. But, you can also squash these attempts against your business with the right tools. Having the right reputation management strategy in place can help get negative comments under control before they tarnish your business.

Be In It To Win It

Creating a successful SEM campaign isn’t something that happens over night. In fact, the most success comes from a long haul approach; so keep that in mind when you think about how you want to tackle this beast. If you’re not going to invest the time it takes to achieve success here, then it’s probably best not to waste your money.

Hiring a professional SEM company can often help you juggle all aspects of SEM.  Advertise STL knows just how to implement all of these aspects of SEM to help your business achieve success. Contact us today to learn more about SEM and how it can help make your business a success: 314-472-5161.

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