Some of the Advantages of Mobile Marketing

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Since the inception of the advertising industry, agencies have been at pains to reach customers in their own homes via television, magazines and newspapers, and more recently the Internet. Companies frequently spend large amounts of money with the intention of encouraging customers to go out and spend their hard earned cash; something the government encourages for the benefit of an economy based on growth.

However, it is much more difficult to catch the attention of consumers once they’ve left the comfort of their own houses. There’s no guarantee people will look up at your billboard, or have time to read the side of the bus as it drives past, and though commuters regularly read newspapers and other publications on public transport, once they’ve reached their destinations communicating with them becomes decidedly less simple. High street stores too find it difficult to broadcast their deals to the general public, having only the width of their windows and the aforementioned, only occasionally effective, methods to draw customers inside to view their products and services.

With the majority of the British adult population carrying a mobile phone with them most of the time, mobile marketing is really beginning to take off, and it’s easy to see why. There aren’t really any other ways to appeal to customers’ wallets before they leave their homes, on their way to the store, and once they’re inside. You can’t guarantee the public will peer into your window display, but it’s a safe bet they’ll look down at their mobiles if they go off in proximity to your store.

Phones scanning barcodes is really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using mobile devices to sell to the public. The amount of data displayed in an SMS is limited, and it’s difficult to get across how great your deals are in letters and numbers alone, so Bluetooth marketing is a logical step into the future. Most modern phones carry Bluetooth, as well as pads, laptops and portable games consoles, so it’s easy to appeal to large amounts of people instantaneously, with lush, colourful advertisements.

Sending adverts via Bluetooth eliminates printing costs, and increases the chance of the ad being viewed before it is discarded. The automated sending of the file when the recipient is within range, sometimes up to 100 metres, reduces operational charges. The clear financial and practical advantages mobile Bluetooth marketing affords mean it is likely to rapidly increase in popularity as it becomes more readily available.

You can now get the latest student discounts, deals and advertisements straight to your mobile phone. Because of mobile marketing you can now receive discount vouchers for leading brands without having to look for them.

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