Tips for Improving ROI on a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

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Most online marketing campaigns today are utilizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which can often be expensive. Running a PPC campaign can be tedious and a large time commitment. However, getting a good ROI can make all of these things worth it. Here are a few tips to help improve the ROI of your PPC campaign:

Run a Negative Campaign: Having a PPC campaign that uses your negative keywords is one of the features of PPC campaigns that is least often used. This tactic allows you to choose words that will not trigger your ad to appear. If you use these negative keywords correctly and update them often – they can help you target your audience and save you money.

Have a Dynamic Ad: Using dynamic keyword insertion in your PPC ads allows the ad to show the exact term for which the potential customer searched. When a potential customer sees this, they are more likely to click through. This is a very useful tool and can increase your click through rate; however this should not be used by someone who is new to PPC advertising.

Create a Relevant Landing Page: You should not use your homepage as the landing page for your PPC ad. Content that is not relevant to your ad can confuse a visitor and drive them away from your page. Make sure to have a simple landing page that provides content that picks up where your ad left off.

Target the Correct Locations: Having your ad viewed by someone who is not in the correct geographical location to become a customer can waste your PPC budget. Make sure that you are focusing your ad with the geo-location features offered. This allows ads to target people based on IP address and geo-specific keywords.

Using pay-per-click advertising for your businesses online marketing campaign can be very beneficial. However, it may be helpful to utilize someone who can help you run a successful PPC campaign. Lisa Pulido is an Internet Marketing Consultant for the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. Contact Lisa for a consultation on how PPC can help your business and your online advertising goals.

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